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How it Works


Workflow is an easy-to-use platform that makes deploying apps on Kubernetes a breeze.

Workflow Chart

Workflow makes it simple for developers to deploy their applications; quickly moving code to production with a simple git push deis master - and integrating with your team’s development process through multiple application packaging options and a simple REST API.

Workflow builds upon Kubernetes concepts to provide simple, developer-friendly app deployment. Delivered as a set of Kubernetes micro services, operators easily install the platform. The platform and your applications run in dedicated namespaces nicely separating workloads.

Using Services and Replication Controllers, Workflow deploys new versions of your app with zero downtime. If you have workloads that aren’t managed by Worfklow, you can easily connect them through Kubernetes' baked in service discovery.


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Workflow packages together cutting-edge features for developers and operations, giving you out-of-the-box solutions that can easily integrate with your team’s existing tools.


Workflow works with buildpacks (Heroku, Cloud Foundry, etc) out of the box, with an integrated slug building component. Push your code and we’ll do the rest.

Edge Router

Securely and dynamically route your customer’s traffic to your applications with the fully integrated edge router - powered by NGINX, built with Kubernetes best practices.


Workflow provides a simple API so you can get up and running with Kubernetes easily - making it simple to integrate with your existing processes.

Releases & Rollbacks

Track all of your code pushes, config changes and scaling events across your apps - Workflow makes it simple to rollback to old versions with a simple API call.

Logs & Metrics

Workflow makes it easy to troubleshoot app issues, with transparent log aggregation and metrics collection; including, flexible log draining.


With configurable thresholds and automatic stats gathering, you can easily trigger alerts and notifications via a Slack channel, Pagerduty or email.

Infrastructure freedom.

Workflow runs anywhere - public or private cloud - turn any cluster into your own flexible, powerful PaaS.

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Why Use Workflow?

From reduced infrastructure costs, to greater flexibility and transparency - see what advantages Workflow can bring to your organization.

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