Workflow provides the simplest, most flexible way for your developers and ops to deploy and manage apps - wherever you run them.

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The Old Way:

  • Devs throw code over the fence for Ops to clean up.
  • Teams use messy deployment systems, resulting in large changes, late nights and general unhappiness.
  • Complex platforms result in workarounds, compromises and roadblocks for your team's process.

The Workflow Way:

  • circle A self-service platform that puts everyone on the same page.
  • square Keep your deploy process quick and simple with a lightweight API and simple CLI tools.
  • triangle Workflow is built with composition in mind. You can easily color outside the lines and customize Workflow to your environment.

Industry backed,
Community driven.

Workflow integrates the best container technologies into a simple and easy to use application platform. Backed by years of experience running containers at scale, Google’s Kubernetes serves as the engine for your applications.

Whether you're a Docker expert - or haven’t started your containerization journey - Workflow does the heavy lifting for you.

Workflow combines the best features and practices of leading technologies from Google, Docker and CoreOS, providing a simple and accessible way for your team to use cutting-edge technologies.

The Workflow project is fully open source, with a public roadmap, public release planning and an active, supportive developer community with over 160+ contributors.

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deis platforms

Simplify everything.

Deis provides a simple, yet flexible workflow that makes it easy to deploy and manage container-based apps through a simple Heroku-inspired command line interface.

Developers love the self-service and Ops love the easy to manage platform - we've combined the best tools and practices from both worlds.

Avoid DIY headaches.

Application packaging and deployment can get complicated; far too often teams find themselves accidentally building a platform as part of deploying their applications.

Workflow helps you keep the focus on your business, with features like user and log management, buildpack support, edge routing and easy release and rollback controls.

deis clouds

Run anywhere.

There’s no vendor lock-in, Workflow works in both public and private clouds, as well as bare metal. Workflow is language agnostic too - you can run any application you want on it.

Need help getting the most out of Workflow?

Our engineers can help you install, run and customize Workflow - wherever you deploy.

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How Does Workflow Work?

See the architecture and explore the features that bring developers and operations together with a customizable, easy-to-use PaaS.

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