Kubernetes Training

Let our team help yours get up to speed with the latest Kubernetes technologies.


We offer a wide range of training courses that fit the needs, knowledge and experience of your team.

Courses are available in half, full and multi-day courses delivered remotely or on-site.



Available Courses

Kubernetes Fundamentals K01

New to Kubernetes? Quickly get up to speed on the basics, including practical knowledge from real-world usage.

Course Details 1 Day Course

Advanced Kubernetes K02

Comfortable with Kubernetes but unsure of the inner workings? Dive into Kubernetes system architecture and understand all the moving parts.

Course Details 1 Day Course

Cluster Planning K03

Stable production-grade clusters are born from detailed thought and planning, dive deep into all dimensions of a successful Kubernetes deployment.

Course Details 4 Hour Course

Extending Kubernetes K04

Learn tips and tricks to sustainably extend and modify Kubernetes. Includes Third Party Resources, custom controllers, custom schedulers and API server aggregation.

Request Details 1 Day Course

Managing Kubernetes Clusters K05

All about day-two operations. How to support and manage Kubernetes in production, practical cluster management, automating routine tasks, logging, monitoring and more.

Course Details 4 Hour Course

Introduction to Deis Workflow W01

Deis Workflow puts the power of a PaaS in your developer's hands. This course will give a practical overview of how Workflow can transform an organization into a code-deploying powerhouse with sensible, git-driven workflows.

Course Details 4 Hour Course

Deis Workflow for Developers W02

Walkthrough of the entire Workflow ecosystem and app deploys, using Dockerfiles, Docker images, SSL, domain mapping and more.

Course Details 4 Hour Course

Deis Workflow for Operations W03

This course goes deep into the components of Workflow, operational characteristics and integration with Kubernetes.

Course Details 1 Day Course

Introduction to Helm H01

Deploying applications on Kubernetes? Learn how Helm can help you and your team tackle application lifecycle management on Kubernetes.

Course Details 4 Hour Course

Advanced Helm H02

Already #grabbedthehelm? This course covers the Helm chart ecosystem, approaches to templating, dependency management, application packaging and integration with CI/CD systems.

Course Details 1 Day Course

Introduction to Containers C01

This lecture is designed to teach the value and fundamentals of containers.

Course Details 1 Day Course