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Our PaaS is now Workflow.

Workflow is the second major version of our platform as a service (PaaS); powered by Kubernetes and brimming with a new set of features.

The fastest way for developers to go from code to production.

PaaS (1.0) is no longer in active development, but we will continue to host the project here.

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What's Changed?

Workflow is the continuation of our mission to provide easy-to-use tools to help developers and operators deploy and manage apps.

At its core, Workflow is the same Heroku-inspired PaaS — with substantial architectural improvements under the hood — to provide more power and flexibility to you and your team.


Operating System Your choice CoreOS
Container Orchestration Kubernetes Fleet
Initial Release 06/09/2016 11/10/2014
Status Stable, active Stable, discontinued
Contributors 175 165
Documentation Workflow Docs PaaS Docs
Github Workflow PaaS



Workflow and PaaS are — and will remain — fully open-source and free to use.

Workflow: The Kubernetes-native PaaS.

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