Deis Workflow Roadmap

The Deis Workflow Roadmap is a community document created as part of the open Planning Process. Each roadmap item describes a high-level capability or grouping of features that are deemed important to the future of Deis.

Given the project's rapid Release Schedule, roadmap items are designed to provide a sense of direction over many releases.


Deis Workflow should use Kubernetes-native constructs wherever possible. By switching to Deployments, the controller component will no longer need to orchestrate rolling deploys. Instead, controller can delegate that work to Kubernetes control loops.

Private Registry and Native IaaS Registry Support

Many users of Deis v1 requested the ability to push and pull application artifacts from private Docker registries. While v1 supported a workaround or two, operators usually had to intervene or build custom tooling. Deis Workflow aims to make it simple to configure your Workflow install to pull and push images to private registries.

Application Management

Various application-related features that give developers and operators flexibility in how applications are managed by the platform:

Private Application Support

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Application Autoscaling

Developers should be able to define an autoscaling policy per application process type. Under the covers, Workflow should use HorizontalPodAutoscaling.

Interactive deis run /bin/bash

Provide the ability for developers to launch an interactive terminal session in their application environment.

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Log Streaming

Stream application logs via deis logs -f

Teams and Permissions

Teams and Permissions represents a more flexible permissions model to allow more nuanced control to applications, capabilities and resources on the platform. There have been a number of proposals in this area which need to be reconciled for Deis Workflow before we begin implementation.

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Workflow Addons/Services

Developers should be able to quickly and easily provision application dependencies using a services or addon abstraction.

Inbound/Outbound Webhooks

Deis Workflow should be able to send and receive webhooks from external systems. Facilitating integration with third party services like GitHub, Gitlab, Slack, Hipchat.