Upgrading Workflow

Deis Workflow releases may be upgraded in-place with minimal downtime. This upgrade process requires:

  • Helm version 2.0.0 or newer
  • Configured Off-Cluster Storage
  • A Kubernetes cluster with more than one node is required for the rolling upgrade of the deis-router (as it is a rolling upgrade with host ports)

Off-Cluster Storage Required

A Workflow upgrade requires using off-cluster object storage, since the default in-cluster storage is ephemeral. Upgrading Workflow with the in-cluster default of Minio will result in data loss.

See Configuring Object Storage to learn how to store your Workflow data off-cluster.

Upgrade Process


If upgrading from a Helm Classic install, you'll need to 'migrate' the cluster to a Kubernetes Helm installation. See Workflow-Migration for steps.

Step 1: Apply the Workflow upgrade

Helm will remove all components from the previous release. Traffic to applications deployed through Workflow will continue to flow during the upgrade. No service interruptions should occur.

If Workflow is not configured to use off-cluster Postgres, the Workflow API will experience a brief period of downtime while the database recovers from backup.

$ helm upgrade deis/workflow

Step 2: Verify Upgrade

Verify that all components have started and passed their readiness checks:

$ kubectl --namespace=deis get pods
NAME                                     READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
deis-builder-2448122224-3cibz            1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-controller-1410285775-ipc34         1/1       Running   3          5m
deis-database-e7c5z                      1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-logger-cgjup                        1/1       Running   3          5m
deis-logger-fluentd-45h7j                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-logger-fluentd-4z7lw                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-logger-fluentd-k2wsw                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-logger-fluentd-skdw4                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-logger-redis-8nazu                  1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-monitor-grafana-tm266               1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-monitor-influxdb-ah8io              1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-monitor-telegraf-51zel              1/1       Running   1          5m
deis-monitor-telegraf-cdasg              1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-monitor-telegraf-hea6x              1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-monitor-telegraf-r7lsg              1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-nsqd-3yrg2                          1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-registry-1814324048-yomz5           1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-registry-proxy-4m3o4                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-registry-proxy-no3r1                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-registry-proxy-ou8is                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-registry-proxy-zyajl                1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-router-1357759721-a3ard             1/1       Running   0          5m
deis-workflow-manager-2654760652-kitf9   1/1       Running   0          5m

Step 3: Upgrade the Deis Client

Users of Deis Workflow should now upgrade their deis client to avoid getting WARNING: Client and server API versions do not match. Please consider upgrading. warnings.

curl -sSL http://deis.io/deis-cli/install-v2.sh | bash && sudo mv deis $(which deis)