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Deis is committed to building and growing the Kubernetes community, through our open source projects and involvement in Special Interest Groups.





Deis created Workflow to assist and empower developers, making it easy to deploy and run apps with Kubernetes. With a simple, Heroku-inspired experience, Workflow installs on any Kubernetes distribution including bare metal, public or private clouds.

Community Meetings

Our monthly community meetings discuss udpates to Workflow, Helm and Steward. Come and talk with our team, and share your thoughts about our projects.


In 2015, Deis created Helm — the package manager for Kubernetes — to help developers more easily manage Kubernetes-native apps. Since then, Helm has seen a major 2.0 release and grown a vibrant contributor community, including Deis, Google, Skippbox, Bitnami and more!

SIG Apps

A Special Interest Group focused on deploying and running apps on Kubernetes, with weekly demos and discussion. Co-hosted by Deis engineer Michelle Noorali.


Steward is an open source Kubernetes-native service broker built and maintained by Deis. Steward makes it easy for developers to build, publish, and consume just about anything as a service.

SIG Service Catalog

Members of the Deis Steward team are active participants in the service catalog Kubernetes Special Interest Group, with members from Red Hat, Google, Apprenda and others. With an eye toward defining a standard set of APIs and interfaces to make it easy for the Kubernetes community to build, publish and consumer resources.