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7 Jul 2015 in Kitematic, GUI

Getting to Grips With Kitematic

As you may have already heard, Kitematic is a new container management GUI for Docker. It launched for Windows and OS X in June this year, and allows for running and managing containers without spending any more time than is necessary on the CLI.

Starting a virtual machine can be a daunting task. The people this tends to intimidate the most are those just starting out in web development and developer operations. By using Kitematic with something like Deis, this stress problem can be side-stepped.

In this post, we’ll look at:

  • The advantages to Kitematic

  • The availabililty of pre-bulit Docker images in Kitematic

  • Setting up Kitematic on your PC

Before you get started, be warned: if you’re installing Kitematic for the first time on your PC you may see the install hang or crash. If this happens, Kitematic provides a CLI script to fix the problem on its page of known issues. Remember that Kitematic is still in alpha. If you find a bug, help the Kitematic team squish it by reporting the bug on GitHub.

Advantages to Kitematic

Kitematic offers an easy-to-navigate GUI, with popular Docker images available to run upon installation. These include Ghost, Minecraft, RethinkDB, and many more. Docker offers powerful container management, including upscaling and downscaling. For smaller development teams working on PCs, cloning, managing, and deploying an app through Kitematic is a seamless experience, and significantly more user-friendly than the CLI.

Having a GUI lowers the barrier-to-entry for beginners and will help them contribute to and learn about your project. Kitematic also provides a unique educational opportunity for people who want to take things like the stock Minecraft image and learn about system administration and operations through experimentation and modification.

When debugging an issue, time is of the essence. Kitematic offers powerful features for operating containers in a snap. PC users can view their currently running containers with ease, with the ability to start, stop, and execute commands from directly within the Kitematic UX. What’s more, Kitematic lets you debug securely, without affecting parent or child containers.

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