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29 Jun 2016 in Node.js, Install, Deis Workflow, AWS

MEAN Applications on Deis Workflow

Deis Workflow is a PaaS that lets you automatically build and deploy applications on a Kubernetes cluster via simple triggers like git push. Workflow also lets you manage app configuration, create or roll back releases, perform extensive logging, and more.

If you are concerned whether Deis Workflow can handle your application, you'll be happy to know there are three ways to deploy:

  1. Heroku buildpacks
  2. Dockerfiles
  3. Docker images

Even if you're not using Heroku buildpacks, you can usually deploy your application via Docker images or Dockerfiles. With all this scope for flexibility, Deis Workflow can cater to almost any cloud software setup.

In this post, we'll get specific though.

Node.js has emerged as one of the most popular server scripting languages. Combined with other modern tools like AngularJS and MongoDB (aka the MEAN stack) it can be a great way for developers to create modern web applications quickly.

So, how do you deploy an Express.js (a web framework based on Node.js) application via Deis Workflow? We'll get to that.

But first, we need to install and launch Deis Workflow.

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