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13 Jan 2016 in Rigger, DigitalOpen, Tutorial

Ramping up with Rigger: Deploying Deis on DigitalOcean

Deis is an open source private Platform as a Service (PaaS) that simplifies deploying and managing your applications on your own servers. By leveraging technologies such as Docker and CoreOS, Deis provides a workflow and scaling features that are similar to that of Heroku, on the hosting provider of your choice. Deis supports applications that can run in a Docker container, and can run on any platform that supports CoreOS.


Have you ever wanted to experiment with a new project but were stymied by the "Getting Started" guide (with its tens or maybe even hundreds of manual steps)? Ever had a goal to spend part of your weekend crafting up a fantastic pull request for an open source project only to find that it took hours instead of minutes just to get to a productive development state? You're definitely not alone. I've found that most open source projects have a significant barrier to entry. That's not how it should be.

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