30 May 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis 0.9.0 - Dockerfiles, Domains, and HA Routing

The Deis project is excited to announce our v0.9.0 release. We've improved the workflow for both Dockerfile and Procfile projects, added support for custom app domains, and allowed for multiple routers to improve availability.

The Deis controller is now accessible at the hostname "deis" in your cluster's domain at port 80. If you used to connect to http://local.deisapp.com:8000, for example, now use http://deis.local.deisapp.com.

If you are coming from an earlier version of Deis, read the "Upgrading Deis" documentation for details.

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6 May 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis 0.8.0 - CoreOS Integration

The Deis project is proud to announce our v0.8.0 release. Deis now runs on CoreOS and no longer requires Chef. Apps deploy to clusters of machines using a simpler, faster and more reliable job scheduling interface.

If you are updating from Deis version 0.7.0 or earlier, read the MIGRATING.md document for details.

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21 Apr 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

docopt-go for it!

go import "github.com/docopt/docopt-go"

Don't write parser code: a good help message already has all the necessary information in it.

That is the philosophy of docopt in a nutshell.

Back during the Stone Age of Deis—almost eight lunar months ago—I was enthused about docopt for Python. Think about what commands and options your tool needs, type them out into docstrings, and you're basically done with the user input and validation side of things.

We Deis maintainers are enthusiastic Gophers as well as Pythoneers. So I'm doubly glad we chose docopt, because the docopt-go package for Go makes porting the deis CLI from Python to Go much easier.

As of today the Deis team is helping maintain the docopt-go project on GitHub. Recent improvements include:

  • go get github.com/docopt/docopt-go now works
  • no os.Exit() if optional parameter exit is false
  • tests run at Travis CI
  • docs hosted at GoDoc.org

I'll be among the Deis project attendees at GopherCon this week, so please ask me about docopt-go!