24 Mar 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

New Maintainer - Chris Armstrong

Please join us in welcoming Chris Armstrong to the Deis project!

Chris is a full-stack gingeneer who has architected SaaS applications, led engineering teams and maintained open-source projects after starting his career as a librarian and door-to-door rock salesman. Chris is also a live music lover, indie game fan, and amateur baker, who dreams of someday opening an all-in-one live music venue/bakery/bar/game store/awesome fun place.

Follow him on Twitter @carmstrong_afk.

24 Mar 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis 0.6.0 - Simpler, Better

The Deis project is excited to announce our v0.6.0 release. This version simplifies the project layout to be more developer-friendly, unites two related containers into deis/controller, and standardizes unit testing for Deis' own Docker images.

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18 Mar 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis 0.5.2 - Maintenance Release

We are happy to announce our v0.5.2 release. This maintenance release fixes several issues found by the Deis community and improves the documentation in many areas.

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3 Mar 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

New Maintainer - Matthew Fisher

We are proud to welcome Matthew Fisher as a new maintainer. Formerly one of our largest external contributors, Matthew is now working on Deis full time!

Matthew has worked in and around PaaS since graduating from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Most recently, Matthew worked on Stackato, ActiveState's Cloud Foundry platform. Pro-tip: If you're looking to merge code into Deis, Matthew loves cheese.

Follow him on Twitter @bacongobbler.