23 Sep 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis v0.12 - More Reliable, Easier to Install

The Deis project is proud to bring you the v0.12.0 release. Deis is now dramatically simpler to install and manage thanks to deisctl. If you have a CoreOS cluster, go get deisctl and run:

$ deisctl install platform && deisctl start platform

Under the hood, Deis now uses the Fleet HTTP API directly, which greatly increases the speed and reliability of container scheduling operations.

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27 Aug 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

HOWTO: Deploy Deis on EC2

Please note that this blog post is targeted towards Deis v0.11.0. Please read the installation docs on setting up a cluster for the version you wish to run.

I recently deployed https://deis.fishworks.io on EC2, so I thought a blog post on how I configured the cluster may be useful to some users. The process here is mostly to do with EC2, but it can apply to any public/private cloud provider. Alternatively, you can roll your own CoreOS cluster with VMWare, QEMU, or though some other supported platform in their documentation.

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