27 Oct 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis Sponsors Dokku

Deis is proud to announce we are now the exclusive sponsor of the Dokku project. OpDemand, the company behind Deis, is now funding the ongoing development of Dokku and its open source components.

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23 Sep 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis v0.12 - More Reliable, Easier to Install

The Deis project is proud to bring you the v0.12.0 release. Deis is now dramatically simpler to install and manage thanks to deisctl. If you have a CoreOS cluster, go get deisctl and run:

$ deisctl install platform && deisctl start platform

Under the hood, Deis now uses the Fleet HTTP API directly, which greatly increases the speed and reliability of container scheduling operations.

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