11 Nov 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis v1.0 - Production Ready

The Deis project is proud to announce v1.0.0, our first stable release. Deis is now suitable for production workloads. This makes Deis the first production-ready PaaS built from the ground up to leverage Docker.

The 1.0 milestone signifies Deis has a stable API, broad feature set and solid component architecture. The Deis 1.0 feature set includes:

  • Platform Quality - Deis has been battle-tested by the open source community to handle production enterprise workloads
  • Streamlined Installation - Deis can now be installed on a CoreOS cluster in under 30 minutes using a simple command-line utility
  • High Availability - The entire Deis platform is highly-available and can tolerate failure of any host in the cluster
  • Proven Workflows - Deis ships with three deployment workflows: Heroku Buildpacks, Dockerfiles and native Docker Images
  • Comprehensive Documentation - Docs for developers and operators have been expanded, improved and consolidated into a single documentation site
  • Run Anywhere – Deis runs on public cloud, private cloud and bare metal with certified support for Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Rackspace, OpenStack and VMware

We want to thank the extended community of Deis users and contributors, whose willingness to put early versions of Deis into production has allowed us to resolve issues that can only be found when running real-world production workloads. We are grateful for your patience and persistence.

During the past 16 months of development, Deis has incorporated best-of-breed technologies from Docker, CoreOS, Ceph, Heroku and others. We want to thank these projects/vendors and the wonderful people behind them. Your ongoing assistance has been critical to the success of Deis as an open source PaaS.

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27 Oct 2014 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis Sponsors Dokku

Deis is proud to announce we are now the exclusive sponsor of the Dokku project. OpDemand, the company behind Deis, is now funding the ongoing development of Dokku and its open source components.

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