23 Jul 2015 in Legacy Apps

Pets vs. Cattle

I was one of the original developers on Orchestra, the PHP PaaS that Engine Yard acquired in 2011. Many of our customers were using PaaS for the first time, having come from very traditional hosting backgrounds. They were used to uploading things to FTP servers and editing config files remotely — a practice that is still widespread, despite the popularity of Git and sites like The Twelve-Factor App. It is made all the more prevalent by the fact that many off-the-shelf PHP apps are quite old, and still assume this sort of deployment scenario.

Now, this isn’t to be scoffed at. Traditional system administration is based around the notion of physical machines. To add a new machine to a cluster, you might have to purchase it up front, configure it in your offices, and then drive it to your colocation data centre to install it. That could easily take a few weeks. And if that machine later develops a problem, you do your best to fix the issue via SSH. And if that’s not possible, you might have to drive back out to your colocation data centre to fix it or replace it.

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20 Jul 2015 in Deis v1 PaaS

New Maintainer - Kent Rancourt

Please join us in welcoming Kent Rancourt as a core maintainer of the Deis project!

Kent Rancourt is a software engineer, lifelong martial artist, avid hiker, and self-described comic book nerd. His background is in application development and architecture as well as devops.

Kent lives in Connecticut and will be working remotely. He'll be focusing on production-hardening Deis.

Follow Kent on Twitter: @krancour

15 Jul 2015 in Deis v1 PaaS

Welcome Seth Goings to Team Deis

Seth is a software engineer who has always despised how much time, effort, sweat, and tears are involved in producing high quality software projects. He'd rather spend time running away from snarling Chihuahuas, riding his bicycle off into the sunset, cooking up an all-kitchen-appliances-necessary dinner, or remodeling his house at 3AM than stepping through a testing spreadsheet during "release night." Due to this drive, naturally he'll be working on improving the build, test, and deployment infrastructure within the Deis project.

Seth lives in Colorado and will be working on Deis full time in Engine Yard's Boulder office.

Follow Seth on Twitter: @sethgoings

15 Jul 2015 in Deis v1 PaaS

Welcome Jonathan Chauncey to Team Deis

Jonathan Chauncey is a software engineer, search geek, and general tinkerer of all things. He has built a custom Docker PaaS and understands the problems with running Docker in production.

Jonathan lives in Colorado, and will be hanging out in Engine Yard's Boulder office. He'll be working full-time on a monitoring and telemetry platform for Deis.

Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @jlchauncey

15 Jul 2015 in Deis v1 PaaS

Deis v1.9 Community Release Planning Meeting

The Deis open roadmap is influenced by the needs and concerns of our community. To help us plan Deis releases, we invite the community to attend monthly release planning meetings to share with us any issues they'd like to see addressed in the next release.

Last week, we held the second such meeting, a planning meeting for Deis v1.9. A video of the meeting is on YouTube.

Meetings are coordinated on our mailing list. If you're not already a member of the deis-users mailing list, I'd encourage you to sign up. We have a great community of users who share all sorts of experience running Deis in different environments.

See you at next month's planning meeting!