Graduation day for Helm! The first project to exit Kubernetes Incubator.

8 Feb 2017

We are excited to announce that Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes, has officially graduated from the Kubernetes Incubator program!

A huge amount of thanks is due to the Helm user and contributor communities. Your usage, support, development and hard work made this all possible.

The Kubernetes incubation process is designed to set a high quality bar for projects under the Kubernetes umbrella. Projects must not only demonstrate that they are functional, but also that they are active, stable, well-governed, and useful to the broader community. To pass these gates, the Helm project met multiple criteria. We iterated through several stable releases. The community showed its support. And the project continues on its relentless quest to build the best Kubernetes package manager.

We cannot understate what an honor it is to be the first project through this process. The Helm contributors have worked hard not just on the code, but also on creating a friendly environment that fosters the growing Kubernetes population. We want Helm to be the front door for Kubernetes developers and operators.

Charts, charts, everywhere...

Today, the Helm project has merged over 1,000 PRs from more than 100 contributors. In addition to individual contributors, companies are pitching in, too, including Google, CoreOS, Deis, HPE, SAP, Intel, Bitnami, AT&T, and Samsung.

Eighty-three contributors have authored over 50 stable charts and another 10 in the incubation process. The usual suspects are easy to find, including redis, mysql, and postgres. If you need a little break from serious computering, you may also deploy factorio or minecraft too.

Helm is also being adopted as a stable and key component of the Kubernetes ecosystem! Rancher recently embraced Helm in their latest 1.4 release. Folks are integrating Helm into their CI/CD pipelines. Chart authors working on deploying OpenStack via Kubernetes are now collaborating on approaches, tips and techniques. Companies big and small alike are embracing Helm as a key part of their Kubernetes deployments.

With over 960 members in the #helm Slack channel you can almost always find a helping hand or folks chatting about charts at all hours.

Keep on truckin'!

The next Helm feature release (v2.2.0) is slated for February 14th. Among general stability and bug fixes, Helm 2.2 will include the MVP implementation of helm test which allows chart authors to include and run tests alongside their chart. Chart authors will also have access to a new Capabilities built-in which provides information about the destination Kubernetes cluster. Head on over to the 2.2 milestone for all the details.

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