February 2017 Community Meeting

6 Feb 2017

Welcome to February! The Deis Workflow community holds monthly meetings to catch up, discuss recent releases and share their experiences. Community meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month, drop by and say hello!

Community Demo: Maciej Małecki

Community member Maciej Małecki recently wrote a blog post detailing a fully featured Platform as a Service, based partially on Deis Workflow. Maciej was kind enough to dive into the details of the platform which brings together cluster, application, database and CDN management into one administrative interface.

Thanks for taking the time to share. It is always great to see how the open source projects are being used in the wild. Interested in sharing a story? Reach out to Seth Goings or Jason Hansen.

Workflow 2.11 Release Highlights

Lots of activity and contributions from the community this release. Thank you for your patches!

  • The base operating system, based on Ubuntu 16.04, was upgraded across the board (deis/base to v0.3.6).
  • The default application is now customizable which allows operators to specify an application to receive requests for unknown hostnames, rather than a 404.
  • Grafana and Influxdb may now use persistent storage.
  • Grafana was bumped to 4.0.2 and InfluxDB bumped to 1.1.1.
  • Buildpack versions for Node, Ruby, Python and PHP were bumped to latest.
  • Buildpacks now run in a deterministic order.
  • A small issue was resolved with in the Docker registry-proxy and hostname resolution.

Full release notes are available in Workflow docs.

Wrapping up Deis v1

We have been beating the drum for some time, but as a reminder Deis v1 will see its final release the Week of Feb 13, 2017. If there are any patches the community would like to see included in the final release, file an issue and make sure to cc @mboersma.

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Until Next Time

Our next Deis Workflow community meeting is Thursday, March 2nd, 2017. If you like calendar reminders, click, click, click!

See everyone in March!

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