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24 Jan 2017

Over the last year our Professional Services team has helped many companies succeed at all stages of Kubernetes adoption. We’ve worked with teams just starting out with containers to organizations grappling with multi-cloud Kubernetes at scale.

We've taken these real-world experiences and crafted a set of training courses that help give your organization the boost it needs. From Kubernetes Fundamentals to Kubernetes Cluster Planning and Day-two Kubernetes Operations, we have a set of courses that map to your Kubernetes journey. In addition, we offer introductory and advanced courses for Deis open source tools like Helm and Workflow.

All of our courses can be taught on-line or in-person in a number of different lengths. Since every organization is unique, our course material is organized as modules intended to be mixed and matched.

Head on over to the fresh new training section on our website and learn how Deis can help you on your Kubernetes journey. If you see something you are interested in, or would like more details, shoot us a line at [email protected].

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