April 2017 Update

6 Apr 2017

March and early April have been busy! KubeCon EU, DevOps Days Vancouver, Workflow 2.13, Service Catalog's first release, and Helm community just shipped 2.3! Welcome to the multi-media extravaganza of an update!

Workflow 2.13 Release Highlights

  • Building slugs and docker images can be pretty resource intensive. Operators can now pin dockerbuilder and slugbuilder jobs to specific nodes. Thanks @zinuzoid (deis/builder/#492)
  • You many now specify a default tags for applications which can help with application placement on larger clusters. Thanks @rvadim (deis/controller#1249)
  • you-may-now-use-application-names-up-to-63-characters-in-length, shout out to the wordy among us (deis/controller#1198)
  • The occasional panic demons that have haunted our builder component have been found and fixed! (deis/builder#493)
  • You may now use deis config:list --diff to compare an applications config with a local file. (deis/workflow-cli#299)
  • Running a big cluster with lots off applications? Suffering from a log-induced avalanche, née logalanche? Thanks to @felipejfc you have the option to disable log shipping to nsq (deis/fluentd#36)

Last, and certainly not least, Kris Nova merged experimental support for Workflow to use Kubernetes Ingress resources rather than the Deis Router. Configuring Workflow with this support allows operators to use any of the available Ingress Controllers in the community like Traefik or NGINX Ingress. Building on Ingress allows Workflow to integrate with other applications in the Kubernetes ecosystem like kube-lego to automatically add SSL certificates. We'd love for folks to kick the tires and let us know how it works for ya.

All the nitty gritty details may be found in the full release notes.

Community Meeting and Ingress Demo

Kris also gave us a fabulous demo during the April Workflow Community Meeting:

Helm 2.3

Weighing in at 123 commits, Helm 2.3 just entered the ring. Check out the full release notes all the details.

For the short of attention, the Helm 2.3 greatest hits include:

  • Built-in plugin manager
  • Loads of new template functions
  • Share variables between charts without surprises
  • Encrypt helm to tiller comms using SSL
  • Use weights on your chart hooks to execute in a predictable order
  • Loads bug fixes

KubeCon got socks...

It was a blast to see old friends and make new friends at KubeCon EU! We gave out a few hundred pair of socks for #DeisSockDay. We hope you scooped up a pair (or two).

...and a whole lot of talks!

While I was wigglin' my toes, the fine folks at Deis were slinging some great Kubernetes content.

Join Gabe Monroy on a tour through the SIG Service Catalog work:

Lachlan Evenson and Adam Reese dropped some hot Helm action:

All this complexity is (still) too damn high! Michelle Noorali's call to arms to make Kubernetes easier for developers:

Aaron Schlesinger has got your back if you are curious about using client-go to talk to your shiny Kubernetes cluster:

Until Next Time

Our next Deis Workflow community meeting is Thursday, May 4th, 2017.

See everyone in May!

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