A valentine from the Helm team.

14 Feb 2017

Today the Kubernetes Helm team sent the community a valentine in the form of a new release, version 2.2.0. Since version 2.1.0, Helm has gained over 150 contributions from more than 40 contributors.

Helm 2.2's headline feature is its new testing framework. Chart developers have been clamoring for a way to verify that their charts are working in-cluster. This newly released helm test command provides just that. Now chart creators can define a suite of tests to verify the integrity of a release.

Along with the testing framework, 2.2.0 contains dozens of features designed to improve both the chart development experience and the operator's experience. New flags give operators better control over how charts are installed, queried, and upgraded. New template objects and functions give developers more ways to learn about the Kubernetes environment. And a new set of tags and conditions makes it possible for complex charts to switch on and off certain dependencies. Finally, many updates have bolstered the documentation for Helm.

But it's not just about the features. Helm recently became the first project to graduate from the Kubernetes Incubator process. This process has encouraged the project to attend to the details of a forming community. And we are excited to know that we have the processes and documents in place to foster the project far into the future. Thanks to Eric Tune and Brian Grant for shepherding our project through the process.

Both the Kubernetes Charts and Helm projects have gained new expertise, as new core contributors have joined each team. Michael Goodness (Widen Enterprises) is now an official member of the Chart team, while Taylor Thomas (Intel) has joined Helm. Both of these individuals were already longtime distinguished community members, and we are so pleased to have them join in an official capacity. We're also excited that Bitnami has completed designs for a future Helm repository user interface. Led by Miguel Martinez, this project is progressing rapidly.

Several members of Deis' Workflow team have lent their skills and expertise on the 2.2.0 release. We'd like to thank Matt Fisher and Vaughn Dice for contributing an astonishing amount of work.

Finally, the entire Helm team would like to congratulate core contributor Vic Iglesias on the birth of his child. Vic will be out for a few weeks, basking in the boundless glories of sleepless nights and diaper changes. We wish the entire family health, happiness, and ample opportunities for napping.

Happy Valentine's Day,

The Deis Helm team

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