November 2016 Community Meeting

7 Nov 2016

Helm Nearing Stable Release

The Helm community is fast approaching a stable release. With two Release Candidates out in the wild as well as growing momentum around folks authoring charts, we couldn't be more excited!

If you haven't had a chance to play with Helm, check out the quickstart documentation and play with some stable charts.

Workflow 2.8 Release Review

Now that the Helm project is cutting Release Candidates it is time to start the migration process from Helm Classic to Helm 2.0. The Workflow team is now cutting experimental charts for Workflow using Helm 2.0! To try out these new charts, head over to the installation documentation. The Workflow team will be working on a migration path for Helm Classic to Helm 2.0 in the upcoming releases.

A few other changes in the Workflow 2.8 release:

  • The InfluxDB database which powers the monitoring stack can now be hosted off-cluster.
  • We've made some changes to the way registration mode functions when set to admin_only with no registered users.
  • The dockerbuilder component will now refresh any base images if you reference mutable tags in your Dockerfile (e.g. FROM ubuntu:latest).

The full release changelog is in the documentation.

Workflow Release Schedule

The Workflow release cadence of every two weeks has been pretty fast and furious. We know that many folks have had trouble keeping up. Now that Workflow has stabilized we are now switching to monthly releases. Releases will occur on the first Thursday of every month. Of course, if there are any critical bugs or security patches required we will cust those releases as needed.

Steward: a Kubernetes Service Broker

One of the long-requested features for Workflow is the ability for developers to quickly and easily connect to backing services. Over the last few months the Deis team has been working with a new Kubernetes special interest group, SIG Service Catalog. The focus of this group is to add service capabilities to Kubernetes.

We are excited about the future for a Service Catalog in Kubernetes, so much so that we hosted Google, RedHat and IBM at our Boulder office for the first SIG-service-catalog Face to Face.

Paul Morie rocking the whiteboard

These new APIs will be a great building block, not only for users of Workflow but also the rest of the Kubernetes community.

As part of our community involvement, Deis has released our latest open source project named Steward. This project has been a testing ground for ideas and is informing our participation in the SIG. As APIs solidify through the SIG work we will continue to keep Steward up-to-date.

Paul Morie rocking the whiteboard

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Watch Matthew Fisher, Adam Reese, and Aaron Schlesinger below:

Until Next Time

Our next community meeting will be Thursday, December 1st, 2016. If you like calendar reminders, click, click, click!

See everyone in December!

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