May 2016 Community Meeting

10 May 2016

In case you missed our last community meeting and are dying to find out what happened, we’ve got your summary notes right here!

First we got some housekeeping items out of the way; our team and community seem pretty happy with the recent switch from IRC to Slack - the channel is quite busy and filling up quickly. If you haven’t already signed up, you can request to join us here.

Want to become internet famous? Or maybe just demo something at the next community meeting? We don’t want community meetings to be all about us! So if you’re using Deis or have something to show off, consider a demo at our next meeting! Email [email protected] with details about your suggested demo.

Next an update from Matt Boersma about long term support for Deis V1 which launched about a month ago:

  • 1.13.1 patch was queued up and has since been released
  • Bumped CoreOS a few times to address security issues
  • Revved build packs - they’re now current and match Deis Workflow
  • Thanks to Josh Mize who fixed an issue with etcd

We’ll continue patching as needed so if you have a bug you’d like to report, you can open an issue here.

Jason Hansen gave us some details about progress of Deis Workflow:

  • Beta 3 just shipped (April 27, 2016)
    • Now using secrets to store builder ssh key - when the builder restarts you’ll no longer have to deal with blasting your known_hosts file. However, it does require you to upgrade to helm version 0.6.0 or helm classic.
    • Private registry support on per application basis landed in Beta 3 - you can specify the docker registry credentials in the app via a new cli command.
    • The last change allows you to modify the period that we wait for pod termination - by default controller is pretty conservative but you can now tweak this behavior.
  • Beta 4 actually ships tomorrow (May 11, 2016)
    • Addressing the upgrade story for Deis Workflow - we’ll ship with upgrade instructions for in place updates.
    • RC1 is set for Wed, May 25th.
    • 2.0 is set for June 8th, stay tuned!

Next up, Matt Butcher gave us an update on the Helm project. If you haven’t heard of Helm, it’s a manifest/package management system for Kubernetes. He did such a great job outlining the project’s core principles and high level architecture that I’m not going to summarize it. What I will say is that he wore a really cool hat and Alpha release is coming soon. In case you want to check out his presentation (and a brief intro from Gabriel), skip to the 7:55 mark.

In case you don’t watch, I’ll fill you in about Helm Classic. There’s been so many changes to the Helm project that now there’s two. The new one is Kubernetes Helm - you can jump in yourself at To help differentiate, the Helm you’re used to has been renamed Helm Classic and can be used with the command HelmC. We will continue to maintain, improve and support Helm Classic until Kubernetes Helm is a stable alternative.

Hope to see you at our next Community meeting! It’s already been scheduled so add it to your calendar now!

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