June 2016 Community Meeting

6 Jun 2016

A rolling stone gathers no moss! Another month, another community meeting!

This month we were joined by Josh Mize from Mozilla who gave us a wonderful update on how Mozilla is using Deis v1 in production.

Additionally, Michelle Noorali from the Helm team gave a wonderful demo of the Helm Alpha 1 release. Unfortunately due to computers, that portion of the meeting was lost to "video rendering error 10008." Not all is lost however; we made the necessary sacrifices to the lords of computation and re-recorded the demo!

Matt Boersma gave a maintenance update for Deis v1 PaaS and I gave a quick update about Deis Workflow release status. Spoiler alert, we're really close (super close).

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Until Next Time

Our next community meeting will be July 7th, 2016. If you like calendar reminders, this would be your jam.

See everyone next month!

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