Helm Beta.1: Fixes, fixes, everywhere...

21 Oct 2016

The Helm community has cut the first beta release for 2.0.0! Helm is now feature complete and the community is focusing on fixing bugs, general stability, and documentation.

If you haven't checked out Helm, now is a great time to jump in and help the team batten down the hatches.

As always, the great Helm community can be found in the #helm channel on the Kubernetes Slack.

  • Developer Call: Thursday, 9:30 Pacific via Zoom

Major Fixes

  • Several fixes were made to helm delete and helm rollback
  • Documentation has been refreshed
  • Three minor features were added:
    • The --kube-context global flag was added to allow you to explicitly set the Kubernetes context.
    • Tiller now has gRPC tracing for debugging Tiller. This is disabled by default.
    • The helm repo add command now fetches the repository.
  • The Linux builds are now static, and can run in Alpine Linux

For the complete list of changes view the GitHub Release tag.

Binary Downloads

Binary downloads of the Beta.1 Helm client can be found at the following links:

What's Next?

The developers are now working on fixing bugs, improving stability, and building some great docs.

Beta releases will continue until the community feels that Helm is ready for production use. So grab the helm and join the community as we approach a stable 2.0.0 release!

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