Helm Alpha.4: Persistent Storage, Improved Status, Provenance Files, and API Version Checking

6 Sep 2016

Helm 2.0.0-alpha.4 is the penultimate Helm Alpha release. This new version introduces four major changes:

  • ConfigMap storage is now the default backend. When you create a release with Helm, the release data will be stored in config maps in the kube-system namespace. This means releases are now persistent.
  • helm status got a much-needed overhaul, and now provides lots of useful information about the details of a release.
  • The Tiller server now checks the apiVersion field of manifests before loading a chart into Kubernetes. Now, for example, a chart that uses PetSets will stop early if it detects that the Kubernetes installation does not support PetSets.
  • Helm can now cryptographically verify the integrity of a packaged chart using a provenance file. To this end, helm package now has a --sign flag, and several commands now have a --verify flag.

In addition to these, the Helm community has added numerous improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fixing a bug that prevented some installations of Alpha.3 from executing helm list
  • Limiting the length of a release name
  • Adding an icon: field to Chart.yaml
  • Improving helm lint and helm upgrade

During this cycle, the Kubernetes Helm community surpassed 50 code contributors, many of whom have contributed multiple PRs! We cannot thank you enough. ❤️

Getting Started

This is the second release of Helm that includes pre-built client binaries.

To get started, download the appropriate client from the release, unpack it, and then initialize Helm:

$ helm init

This will configure your local Helm, and also install and configure the in-cluster Tiller component.

What's Next

The next release, Alpha.5, marks the last major feature release before we focus on stability. You can expect to see helm rollback implemented, along with better version support, and the addition of a dependencies: section in Chart.yaml.

After Alpha.5, the Helm team will focus on closing bugs and improving stability as we sail toward a Helm 2.0.0 final release.

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