Helm Alpha.2: Update all the things!

24 Jun 2016

This release marks the second of four planned Alpha releases. We have made a lot of progress (and a lot of changes) since Alpha.1. Here are the highlights:


  • helm lint has gotten a major overhaul. The core architecture is now considered stable, and the linter team is transitioning focus to (a) adding rules, and (b) integrating linting into the chart development workflow.
  • Helm's server-side Tiller component can now be installed into any namespace. Alpha.1 restricted Tiller to the helm namespace. Now Tiller is installed into the user's configured namespace (usually default) by default, but can be installed into any namespace.
  • Values files are now in YAML format (bye-bye TOML). We're experimenting with support for globally scoped variables.
  • Templates now support more functions (Sprig 2.3). We still have a few big changes coming to the template system, but the new docs/examples/nginx template provides a better example of how we envision template support.
  • helm install can now install directly from a chart repository.
  • Helm charts now support .helmignore files, which are similar to .gitignore files, providing a convenient way to tell Helm about files that should not be packaged into the chart.
  • Tiller has liveness and readiness probes for Kubernetes


Documentation has been improved throughout The Helm repository has been improved, and the repository index file is now stable The pkg/helm and pkg/chartutil packages have been overhauled, and pkg/chart has been removed The import path is now k8s.io/helm, thus delaying the onset of carpal tunnel in all Helm contributors And many, many more

We are tremendously grateful to the community for a wealth of feedback, use cases, and pull requests.

Looking Ahead

We have some big things coming:

We're excited to be rapidly iterating on Kubernetes Helm. And while we're all anxious to get Helm stable and released, the team has demonstrated a strong commitment to making this a reliable tool that meets the needs of a growing Kubernetes community.

As always, you are invited to jump into the issue queue, join the Helm slack channel, and also join our weekly Thursday Developer Call every Thursday at 9:30-10:00 Pacific. Zoom: https://engineyard.zoom.us/j/366425549

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