Helm 2 Reaches Alpha 1

26 May 2016

This release marks the first in the Helm 2 line. It is an unstable Alpha-quality release that supports the core functionality for the Helm 2 platform.

Helm 2 has two major components:

  • The Helm client, whose responsibility is to provide tooling for working with charts and uploading them to the server.
  • The Tiller server, whose responsibility is to manage releases into the Kubernetes cluster.

Additionally, Helm can fetch charts from remote repositories. A Helm 2 chart repository is simply an HTTP server capable of serving YAML and TGZ files.

As a developer preview, the Alpha 1 release does not have a binary build of its components. The quickest route to get started is to fetch the source, and then run make bootstrap build. To start using Helm, use helm init.

Stay in touch

To keep up with news on Helm, join the #Helm channel on the Kubernetes Slack channel, or join our weekly developer call every Thursday at 9:30-10:00 Pacific.

You are welcome to join! https://engineyard.zoom.us/j/366425549

Click Play

During the May Deis Community meeting I took a few moments to talk about the general direction and core values for the Helm project. Click play for my presentation:

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