Deis Workflow, Beta 3

28 Apr 2016

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin', into the future. But not Deis Workflow Beta releases.

The team just cut Beta 3 of Deis Workflow. We've been happy with the two-week release cadence. Keep your eyes out for Beta 4 due May 11th and our Release Candidate May 25th.

Now, for beta highlights!

Builder no longer suffers from amnesia.

Builder now stores its ssh host keys in a Kubernetes Secret. You will no longer have to exercise ssh-keygen -R whenever the builder pod restarts. Many rejoice! Note that this also requires you to use helm 0.6.0 when installing workflow-beta3.

  • 514d0e3 pkg/sshd: Store private keys in kubernetes secret

Private Docker Registries

The API controller for Deis Workflow continues to see a lot of general improvements. We're dusting the bookshelves and chairs getting ready for you to move in. In the process, we also added initial support for private Docker registries. LIke you do.

  • 0cb2f02 registry: add initial support to auth to an external Registry on per app basis
  • 5e6c6d0 registry: add private registry documentation
  • 6fb32bf registry: add support for setting private registry information per application

Auth is on a per-application basis and supports standard username and password:

$ deis registry:set username=jhansen password=secret -a rental-novelist
Applying registry information... done

=== rental-novelist Registry
password     secret
username     jhansen

$ deis pull jhansen/example-go-private:latest -a rental-novelist

Support for ECR and GCR short-lived tokens will come after 2.0.

Killing pods quickly

We were pretty conservative when waiting for a Pod to terminate during a rolling deploy. If your app containers are stubborn and slow to terminate, you can set the mouth-full of an environment variable KUBERNETES_POD_TERMINATION_GRACE_PERIOD_SECONDS to speed up the process. Deis Workflow deploy process will let Kubernetes GC the Pods in the background.

  • 70f319f scheduler: allow setting gracefulTerminationPeriod and account for in terminations
Creating config... done

=== rental-novelist Config

Getting Started

Now is a great time to start kicking the tires of Deis Workflow. Follow our quick start guide to get up and running.

Feedback Welcome!

We would love to get your feedback. Join us in our new #community slack channel or file an issue and share your experience!

May Community Meeting

It is also time again for our monthly community meeting. Join us Thursday, May 5th at 12pm MDT/1900 UTC on Zoom via

If calendars are your thing, you may add the meeting to your calendar.


The Deis Team

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