Deis Workflow 2.6 Release

3 Oct 2016

Summer may have come to a close in September, but that doesn't mean the Workflow train stops rolling.

The team recently cut Workflow 2.6 which contains a lot of bug fixes and package bumps. Listen to the Pomplamoose cover of Earth Wind and Fire's "September" and cruise through the highlights.

Release Highlights

InfluxDB and Telegraf have been bumped to the 1.0 versions.

Workflow now adds additional metadata to the application environment. This is useful for debugging application environments, can help with auditing, and might be something you want to include in an application health response.

We've cut new base images across the board which include fixes for the recent OpenSSL CVEs.

The logger component went to summer camp and cleaned up its act and is no longer using excessive cpu.

Thanks to community member @robholland, router will now pass through X-Request-Id and X-Correlation-Id headers.

Router also saw a fix for builder + PROXY_PROTOCOL contributed by @felixbuenemann.

Default buildpack versions have been bumped across the board:

There are many smaller fixes, cleanups and documentation additions. Check out the complete Workflow 2.6 change logs in the docs.

Up Next

Our next release is scheduled for October 11th, 2016. You can check out the 2.7 milestone on each of the component repositories, or take a gander at the Workflow Roadmap.

October Community Meeting

The Deis Community Meeting is Thursday October 6th. Join us at 11am Pacific/1900 UTC to talk about what we've been up to. Add the meeting to your calendar or join us directly on Zoom at

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