December 2016 Community Meeting

5 Dec 2016

Welcome to the last Deis Community meeting of 2016! We've had a busy year. Together, we finished moving Workflow from CoreOS Linux + Fleet to Kubernetes, shipped a stable Kubernetes Helm, have started working towards a Kubernetes-native service broker in Steward, and launched our full portfolio of service and support options for Kubernetes.

Paired with the explosion of Kubernetes over the last year, the Deis mission has never been more exciting:

  • Deis Workflow: The best way to manage 12-factor applications on Kubernetes
  • Helm: The best way to manage Kubernetes-native applications
  • Steward: The best way to find, provision and use on and off-cluster services

In short, Deis open source projects make Kubernetes easy to use.

Focusing on Workflow, let's take a closer look at what the last month has brought us:

Workflow 2.9 Release

Workflow 2.9 release is the first release on our new monthly release cadence that we discussed in the last community meeting. A few release highlights for 2.9:

  • New deis labels command (thanks @zinuzoid!) lets developers add arbitrary Kubernetes labels to their applications
  • The Postgres component now makes a full backup on container shutdown, decreasing recovery time
  • Non-routeable apps no longer need to specify a PORT if the app isn't using a port
  • The Kubernetes health dashboard included in the grafana setup is a bit fancier now

  • All base images have been rebuilt with latest security fixes

As part of continuing to consume and produce more community projects, the Deis Docker registry proxy has been submitted upstream.

The complete Workflow 2.9 changelog is available here.

Good night Helm Classic. Hello Kubernetes Helm!

Now that Helm has cut a stable release the recommended installation method for Workflow is via Kubernetes Helm. The 2.9 release is the last release that will include charts for both Kubernetes Helm and Helm Classic.

If you installed Workflow with Helm Classic, we also created a migration tool that will transparently import your Workflow resources into Helm. After running the migration tool, clsuter operators will be able to manage and upgrade Workflow using Kubernetes Helm.

For documentation and examples, check out the migration tool on GitHub.

Wrapping up Deis v1

Deis Workflow saw its first stable release in June of 2016. The team has been hard at work adding new features, simplifying administration and management.

Deis v1 will see its final release the Week of Feb 13, 2017. If there are any patches the community would like to see included in the final release, file an issue and make sure to cc @mboersma.

Meet the Community

It is always fun to meet folks from the Deis community! In a no-notice, pop-quiz style, Seth Goings invited some new faces to introduce themselves and talk a little bit about how they are using Deis projects. Thanks to Jeremy Shimko, Matt Knox, and Jetsada Machom for saying hello!

We had a blast, and will make sure we keep a meet and greet section in the Agenda for next month.

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Until Next Time

Going forward, we want to re-focus the monthly community meeting on Deis Workflow and its roadmap, so join us Thursday, January 5th, 2016. If you like calendar reminders, click, click, click!

See everyone in January 2017!

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