CloudNative Day Videos, Part One

14 Sep 2016

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) is a multi-vendor initiative to standardise a common set of cloud technologies.

Last month, the CNCF put on CloudNative Day to bring together leading contributors in cloud native applications and computing, containers, microservices, central orchestration processing, and related projects.

To quote their event page:

[Being] cloud native requires a broad set of components to work together and an architecture that departs from traditional enterprise application design. This is a very complicated, fragmented process and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation aims to help make it simpler to assemble these moving parts by driving alignment among technologies and platforms.

As sponsor of the videos, we're proud to share them with you on our blog. In this post, we'll share the first seven talks. In part two, we'll share the rest.

Opening Remarks - Dan Kohn, Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Scaling Containers from Sandbox to Production - Courtesy of CNCF - Angel Diaz, IBM

As a shared industry effort, IBM is proud to be supporting the open development of container and cloud technologies to advance the state of cloud native computing for the enterprise. To celebrate this first official event of the new Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Dr. Angel Diaz, VP Cloud Architecture & Technology, will discuss the role the CNCF will play in creating a new set of common container management technologies informed by technical merit and end user value. Through this industry defined open approach, enterprises will be able to transform the way their companies grow, maintain and rapidly expand container and micro-service based applications across multiple clouds to scale from sandbox to production.

Cloud Native in the Enterprise - Donnie Berkholz, 451 Research

Containers and microservices are two of the fastest-growing trends in technology, enabled by DevOps. This talk will delve into the state of cloud-native prerequisites in the enterprise, the Docker and containers ecosystem including current adoption, and data on companies moving to cloud-native platforms. We'll close by looking at real-world examples of containers and microservices architectures at leading-edge companies.

Containerizing PostgreSQL and Making it Cloud Native Ready - Jeff McCormick, Crunchy Data Solutions

In this presentation, I'll show how I leveraged open source cloud technologies like Kubernetes (Openshift) and Prometheus to provide a set of data services around the PostgreSQL database. The Crunchy Containers provides not only a means to run PostgreSQL database clusters but also to administer and monitor them. This basic set of features could apply to any database as well. The design of these containers will be discussed as well as lessons learned along the way.

Panel: Whither Security in a Cloud-Native World?

Traditionally, the security team has been the "immovable object" within any enterprise: any new project must be meet a rigid set of security rules in order to proceed. Into that established world order, an "irresistible force" is emerging with increasing momentum: the cloud-native approach redefines how applications are architected, throwing many traditional assumptions out of the window. The two are on collision course. What will be the fall-out? This panel will discuss what the world looks like after that collision: How will applications be secured? Who will define security policies? And how will they be enforced across hybrid environments - both private and public clouds, and traditional bare metal / VM and cloud-native, containerized workloads?

Whats Hot in Containers & OpenStack- Duane De Capite, Cisco

Join us and learn about what's hot in container ecosystems including the emerging Linux Foundation Open Container Initiative (OCI) and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) collaborative projects. Learn how OpenStack can leverage and enable container deployments including details on OpenStack projects Magnum, Kuryr and Kolla. Join us and learn how networking projects including Calico and Contiv can integrate and scale container and OpenStack deployments. This session will also details the buzz about, a new Platform as a Service (PaaS) project for containers and OpenStack.

Architecture of Cloud Native - Brandon Philips, CoreOS

CoreOS is building the components needed for a cloud native architecture. Cloud native applications require the strength of trustworthy infrastructure developed and supported by a thriving community. Independently useful, pluggable pieces of infrastructure allow for the flexibility to move applications in a multi-cloud environment, from cloud to data center.

In a deep dive into the open source projects that are pushing cloud native infrastructure forward from the container formats, container engines, and clustering software, this talk will share how various pieces developed by CoreOS can help to run a cloud native application.

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