August 2016 Community Meeting

8 Aug 2016

Stop, demo time!

This month we had two demos from Deis engineers. First, Aaron Schlessinger showed off megaboom which we use to stress our the Workflow logging subsystem.

Second, Helgi Þorbjörnsson showed off Workflow deploying applications with Kubernetes Deployments. We are planning on making this the default strategy in Workflow 2.4.

Workflow 2.3 Release Review

Topping off the Workflow sundae was a quick release review for Workflow 2.3. If you are interested, you may also check out the 2.3 release blog!

Helm and Alpha.3

Keep your eyes peeled for Helm Alpha.3 this week! The team is rounding the bend on the latest Helm release.

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Until Next Time

Our next community meeting will be Thursday, September 1st, 2016. If you like calendar reminders, click, click, click!

See everyone in September!

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