April 2016 Community Meeting

7 Apr 2016

We wrapped up another month of work and held our April 2016 community meeting. With the beta release for Workflow out the door and LTS support hot on its heels, March was busy!

We always like to see the smiling faces of our community members but if you couldn't make it in person, we've embedded the recording below.

We've included the CliffsNotes edition below, because high-school never really ends and everyone loves a short-cut.

We moved to Slack

In our last community meeting we discussed moving from freenode to Slack. Everyone liked the idea and a month later we have more than 90 community members hanging out in our #community channel. If you'd like to join us, visit https://slack.deis.io and our faithful robot friends will craft a personalized invite just for you.

Notes on Deis Workflow Beta

In case you missed it, we released Workflow Beta and we are pretty excited. However, no release is complete without a few caveats. My two-minute hot take on Workflow Beta:

  • We don't recommend production yet, unless you are adventurous.
  • If you do like adventure and own a set of crampons and ice-axes, make sure you configure off-cluster object storage.
  • Configuring off-cluster object storage will receive a much-needed boost in beta2.

As you kick the tires and climb the frozen waterfall, give us your feedback. Jump into #community or file an issue on GitHub!

The Road to Stable

We've got a plan. The plan isn't written by Cormac McCarthy. Which means our road should have less starvation and bloodshed, we hope. Seth Goings outlines our release and engineering plan. We've packed in 3 beta releases, two weeks apart and a release candidate to follow. Back of the napkin says we'll be done June 8th as long as we don't lose anyone while fording the rivers along the way. If you'd like to track our milestones wander over to GitHub.

e2e Testing and Improvements

We also had a report from Jonathan Chauncey and the ministry of "make your tests faster". We've focused on the delivery pipeline and have the Jenkins jobs to prove it. Fewer flaky tests, running in parallel on every pull-request. You'll hear more from us on this front. For you, Deis community member, quick and actionable feedback on your pull requests is the order of the day!

Deis LTS Release (v1.13.0)

Topping off our delicious March sundae is the latest release of Deis v1. Sliding in at 1.13.0, we've got the first Deis LTS release. We're putting LocTite on all the things that move, and WD-40 where they are stuck. Almost all the LTS candidates made it into the release, so we're pretty sure you'll make it to Hot August Nights in style.

Click Play

In a manic fit of organization we've started publishing the meeting agenda, so you know what you are getting into next time. :D

Hope to see you "in person" on on May 5th!

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