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22 Jun 2015

Welcome to the new Deis.com website. This site provides a place for the extended Deis community to meet, gather information, and work together as we move Deis into production across the industry.

Things are moving fast! Since OpDemand joined Engine Yard, we have:

Massively expanded the team working on Deis (2x, and still growing) Deployed our global support team to care for Deis deployments 24/7 Launched Deis PRO, featuring improved UX for clusters of containers

The entire Deis.com effort will be focused on building, extending, and supporting the Deis open source project. We value the community’s input and will continue the open roadmap process on our community website: Deis.io.

This is an exciting turning point for Deis. It is already been established as the leading platform for deploying containerized applications, with almost one million downloads total and over 1,000 downloads per day. It’s clear that hundreds of technical teams are deploying applications with the ease of use and reliability of Deis.

To support the success of Deis in the market, Engine Yard is now providing full 24/7 support that spans the globe. The Engine Yard support team is one of the best in the industry and is made up of engineers with years of experience supporting real-world large-scale production deployments.

Take a look at Deis.com and check out Deis PRO, our web based deployment tool for Deis on Amazon AWS. Deis PRO also comes with a number of support services that help you take your application from concept to production.

With a transparent roadmap and project planning process, we are committed to an “upstream first” policy that recognises the importance of the open source community. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch!

It’s your app, your way. We’re here to make the ops easy and reliable.

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