Thanks Keerthan Mala!

21 Aug 2015

Everyone involved with Deis sends a smiling thank you to Keerthan Mala.

Keerthan joined the Engine Yard Deis team this summer as an intern. It wasn't a hard choice: he was one of the smartest scheduling and distributed systems students we could find.

Keerthan combined forces with Sivaram Mothiki to create a formidable scheduler team. Keerthan owned Kubernetes (k8s), the new container cluster management technology that has the Deis project fired up. He perservered--while the code around him changed rapidly--to bring the Kubernetes Scheduler preview to Deis v1.9, allowing k8s to be used in place of the default fleet scheduler. He also introduced flannel and etcd2 into Deis. Keerthan's always ready to help with debugging or product testing, and he has steered the future technology direction of Deis as a key member of the R&D team.

Keerthan returns to the East coast to finish off his master's degree now, but we will keep his desk warm in hopes of a triumphant return. Best of luck, and thanks again Keerthan for showing us what's next and for making the Boulder office fun!

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