Help us improve the Deis provisioning experience!

26 Aug 2015

Deis is known to be one of the simplest-to-use PaaS solutions available on the market, but we as the Deis team have found that not everyone finds it the easiest one to set up. When I joined the Deis team a month or so ago, I took a stab at rethinking how someone could provision, test, and manage a Deis cluster. I've wrapped up my ideas and approach into a tool called rigger.

Now this is where we would like your help... if you've experienced any sort of hardship during provisioning, testing, or managing a long-living Deis cluster... especially if you have shied away from using Deis at all because it was too daunting to get set up...

Jump in and add your perspective to the conversation around improving the Deis provisioning experience.

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