DigitalOcean and Deis Deploy Night

5 Nov 2015

Yesterday the Deis team had the opportunity to show off some of the cool things we've been working on and share some of our future direction during the DigitalOcean Community Meetup in New York City.

The main session featured: Rigger, a tool for provisioning a development or trial-oriented Deis cluster. Multiple attendees were able to follow along with the presentation and spin up their own Deis clusters in under 15 minutes and then deploy an example application using Heroku buildpacks. A rare live demo success!

If you missed it, you're in luck... there's an unofficial recording of the talk and even a DigitalOcean article you can use to walk through the tutorial on your own.

Thanks to DigitalOcean for sponsoring the night as well as giving us some office space with fantastic New York City skyline views and Stumptown Cold Brew on tap to caffeinate the release of Deis 1.12.0!

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