Deis, Meet Engine Yard

14 Apr 2015

I am thrilled to announce that Engine Yard has acquired OpDemand, the company behind Deis. By joining forces with Engine Yard, Deis will continue to flourish as an open source project and community. As Engine Yard helps the project to evolve, Deis will remain the best way to deploy and manage distributed applications in production.

How Did We Get Here?

When I first started working on Deis in June of 2013, the idea was simple:

  1. Build an application platform by focusing strictly on the developer experience
  2. Integrate best-of-breed technology from our friends in the open source community
  3. Solve the problems faced by real software teams trying to use this stuff

The project has evolved a great deal since 2013 thanks to the great work of our core team: Matt Boersma, Matt Fisher and Chris Armstrong.

However, our core values have remained intact.

I like to believe this is why, today, Deis is in production at companies of all shapes and sizes. The project has over 4,000 stars and more than 110 contributors. We're seeing well over 200 new Deis clusters installed every day. We've also grown a tremendous community of users and developers who are kind, helpful, and (like our core team) value pragmatism and engagement with the wider open source community.

Looking back at how far we've come, all of this is quite humbling.

Who Is Engine Yard?

Engine Yard is one of the pioneers in cloud orchestration and deployment automation. Since their founding in 2006, Engine Yard has a long history of running many of the industry's largest cloud applications in production. Today, they are universally respected as experts in mission-critical web operations, and employ some of the best engineers in the business.

How Does Engine Yard Plan to Use Deis?

Initially, Engine Yard will offer commercial support and professional services for Deis. If you're looking to get started with Deis, Engine Yard is here to help. If you're already running a Deis cluster, you can buy a support contract from Engine Yard no matter where that cluster is running. Over time, Engine Yard will offer a web portal for managing Deis with all the bells and whistles you'd expect.

How Does This Affect the Deis Project?

Engine Yard shares the community’s vision of an open, composable platform assembled from best-of-breed technology. Engine Yard is committed to accelerating the development of Deis as a 100% open source project. This means more developers working on Deis, even better community support on GitHub and IRC, and more resources for folks looking to try Deis or contribute to its development.

How Does This Affect the Deis Team?

Now employed by Engine Yard, the Deis team will continue their work on the open source project as before. I will remain the Deis BDFL (with final say over all major decisions) but Chris Armstrong will run the project day-to-day as the Deis team lead. Please join me in congratulating Chris Armstrong on his new position!

As well as remaining the BDFL of Deis, I have been named the CTO of Engine Yard. In this role, I plan to take Deis and Engine Yard to the next level.

What's Next

Looking ahead, I can barely contain my excitement.

The first step along this path will be the creation of a new, open project roadmap. This is where we will plan Deis development with help from the community. More to come on that soon.

In the meantime, thank you all for being so amazing.

Together, the future for Deis looks bright.

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