Deis v0.11.0 - Memory/CPU Limits and Tag-Based Scheduling

22 Aug 2014

The Deis project is happy to bring you the v0.11.0 release. Deis can now limit your app containers' resources by memory or CPU share, and can tag apps with metadata for scheduling. New documentation and scripts help with setting up Deis on GCE or OpenStack.

If you are coming from an earlier version of Deis, read the "Upgrading Deis" documentation for details.

What is Deis?

Deis is an open source PaaS that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications on your own servers. Deis builds upon Docker and CoreOS to provide a lightweight PaaS with a Heroku-inspired workflow.

0.11.0 Summary

New Features

  • deis limits constrains app containers by memory and CPU share
  • deis tags attaches scheduling metadata to app containers
  • OpenStack scripts and documentation added to contrib/openstack/
  • Google Compute Engine scripts and documentation added to contrib/gce/
  • Storage backend is configurable for deis-registry
  • The deis client respects http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables
  • deis-builder runs git gc for housekeeping when deploying an app
  • deis-builder allows custom slugbuilder and slugrunner images
  • -a works as well as --app= in the deis client, for Heroku compatibility
  • deis-router now proxies WebSockets for app containers
  • deis pull allows tags when importing existing Docker images directly into Deis
  • Rename a cluster: deis clusters:update oldname --id=newname
  • Many additions and improvements to

Under the Hood

  • Updated to CoreOS 402.2.0
  • Updated to Docker v1.1.2
  • Updated to fleet v0.6.2
  • Updated progrium/cedarish in deis-builder to 08/14/2014 snapshot
  • Updated nginx to stable v1.6.1 for deis-router
  • Updated requests, docopt, PyYAML for the deis client
  • Updated celery and djangorestframework in deis-controller
  • Updated deis-registry code from upstream
  • A growing suite of tests run on every code submission

Bug Fixes

  • slugbuilder no longer pipes git archive, avoiding intermittent tar errors
  • deis-logger removes the app log directory when the app is deleted
  • deis-controller better validates app and cluster fields
  • deis run no longer requires a git remote entry
  • deis-builder disallows SSH password authentication
  • Clean up temp systemd unit files for apps from filesystem
  • Fixed two deis sharing permissions issues in deis-controller
  • Fixed region-checking code for DigitalOcean
  • Allocate 30GB to /var/lib/docker on DigitalOcean
  • Made --auth= optional for deis clusters:update
  • Continue with deis logout if controller connection fails
  • Restore --cluster=dev as the default for deis apps:create
  • Submit deis-router unit file templates to fleet without file copying

For details, please see

Community Shout-Outs

We want to thank the following Deis community members for creating GitHub issues, providing support to others, and working on various Deis branches:

  • @aledbf - custom builder/runner, major testing & bug reports
  • @andyshinn - GCE scripts/docs!, config suggestions, lots of testing & help
  • @bcwaldon - help with several CoreOS issues
  • @btrepp - make pull behind corp proxy report
  • @clayzermk1 - testing & default nginx discussion, t1.micro, cloudformation issues
  • @cmshetty - clusters terminology, registry auth discussions
  • @cpswan - "bad gateway" on fat-fingered image bug report
  • @davidpelaez - testing & "Get Deis" instructions updates
  • @ddollar - deis push PR, testing and mucho help
  • @developerinlondon - tons of testing and issue reports
  • @dreamcodez - wildcard submdomain request
  • @dw33z1lP - deis pull and make pull testing and questions
  • @ebergonzi - deis-registry / fedora 20 issue
  • @ianblenke - removed proctypes scaling issue, mountains of testing & help
  • @ibuildthecloud - alternate DO suggestion
  • @joiggama - ps:list permissions error report
  • @jonashuckestein - intermittent scaling failure issue
  • @kernel8liang - testing & bug reports
  • @kerwin - fleetctl version "state" error report
  • @kikicarbonell - deis-builder / vagrant error report
  • @krancour - service scheduling, cloud-config & other issues, lots of GitHub help
  • @lucasrhb - ec2 & app domain problem report
  • @michaelmior - cookies.txt security suggestion
  • @michaelshobbs - testing & app push, nodejs, ec2 recovery issues
  • @nathansamson - controller web UI, install docs issues
  • @PierreKircher - testing & limits bug report
  • @pvencill - REST API docs & CSRF issue reports
  • @sirwolfgang - installation issue report, docker-backed services discussion
  • @spurdy - deis CLI behind proxy bug report
  • @themasterchef - nightly vagrant build suggestion
  • @tiagoboldt - tutorial suggestions
  • @tphyahoo - wildcard subdomain bounty!
  • @wbean1 - fleet suggestion, deis-builder http-proxy issue
  • @wiwengweng - "ssh init fail", windows gzip bug reports
  • @xmwang76 - phantom app report
  • @yieme - setup details doc suggestion

The Deis community continues to grow, and Deis wouldn't be here without you! If we slighted your contribution to this release, please let us know so we can update.

Known Issues

Unversioned Docker Images

There are still a few Docker images in the Deis control plane that are not being versioned with a Docker tag. Though we are always careful to avoid backwards-incompatible changes, we recognize using :latest is not ideal. In the next release, every Deis component will be versioned before being published to DockerHub for distribution.

What's Next?

Deis Upgrades

In our push toward a stable release, our most important priority is making sure Deis upgrades are fast, painless and backwards compatible. We are devoting significant resources to this effort, and are working closely with the CoreOS team who has a great deal of experience with rolling upgrades. We recently showed off the update system at the CoreOS meetup in SF--coming soon!

Platform Security & HA

With Deis being used for more and more real-world deployments, we need to address remaining security issues as well as high-availability of the platform itself. Deis components and hosted apps are now fronted by a user-defined number of routers, and other HA features will be a prerequisite for our stable release.

Automated Testing

Distributed systems are notoriously difficult to test, but we know automated testing is critical for Deis. We have significantly expanded our test suites and continuous integration system. And the Deis project will continue to invest in quality and to push the limits of what is possible with Docker and automated testing. Watch Deis get even better at


Service Gateway

Deis must make it simple for ops folks to publish a set of reusable backing services (databases, queues, storage, etc) and to allow developers to attach those services to applications. This will be done in a loosely coupled way, following Twelve Factor best practices. You can review the initial implementation and follow progress on this GitHub issue.

Interactive deis run

Though we provide the ability to run admin commands inside containers, Deis doesn't yet support truly interactive shells into containers, such as deis run bash. Once this infrastructure is in place, Deis can implement log tailing and other real-time features.

How can you help?

Learn about other ways to get involved on our website.

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