Community Spotlight: Johannes Wurbach

17 Jun 2014

Johannes has been an active member of the Deis community for some time now. He has made contributions around gzip compression, user registration, router network configuration as well as adding Deis support to Travis CI.

Johannes is CTO at SixDoors, a platform to discover and buy products from the best independent retailers. As a growing e-commerce company, Johannes is interested in simplifying day-to-day ops work. While SixDoors started out with Rails on Heroku, they later moved to OpsWorks before switching to Deis.

"Deis was easier to setup, supported running multiple process types out-of-the-box and allowed us to configure our apps via the command-line", says Johannes. "Deis also simplified our infrastructure as we are now fully running on AWS with the ability to run different app types in the same cluster."

From the Deis team, a sincere thank you to Johannes for his ongoing contributions to the Deis community.

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