Guest Post: Deis on Digital Ocean

11 Nov 2013

We are happy to share this guest blog post by Matt Fisher (@bacongobbler).

...Thanks to new emerging technologies like Configuration Management tools, Platform as a Service layers, and the push for companies to adopt a DevOps approach to their solutions, IT orchestration and application management got a hell of a lot easier. One of these new tools that leverage both containerization and configuration management in their workflow is Deis.

As of commit 1ca8d840f5, DigitalOcean clustering support has been added, so you can have your own mini-Heroku on DigitalOcean! The documentation for getting your own cluster set up on DigitalOcean can be found here. This post will (hopefully!) help give you a basic overview on how easy it is to deploy a cluster on DigitalOcean.

Read the rest on Matt Fisher's blog.

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