Deis 0.0.4 - Public Preview

30 Jul 2013

Although Deis has not publicly launched yet, we're excited to release our first public preview.

What is Deis?

Deis is a Django/Celery API server, Python CLI and set of Chef cookbooks that combine to provide a Heroku-inspired application platform for public and private clouds. Your PaaS. Your Rules.

0.0.4 Summary

  • Buildstep integration on controller and runtime nodes, including Buildpack caching
  • Git push workflow cleanup, including creating an initial web container on first push
  • Pre-built EC2 AMIs to reduce average node boot times to 3-4 minutes
  • New Layers feature, for custom node types with a specific Chef run list and config
  • Default providers and flavors, meaning less setup time for newly registered users
  • CI & Build automation including Travis integration, Coveralls code coverage and flake8
  • Docstrings cleanup in prep for API docs rollout
  • Massive CLI cleanup and refactoring

What's Next?

Better Documentation

We have several major pieces of documentation left to write, and the API docs need some love. And proper CLI docs, and the Tutorial. Lots of docs!

Log Aggregation

Deis will not be ready for production use until we have a log aggregation solution that provides end-users with a deis logs command. This is critical for troubleshooting app deployment issues. We also need a way to drain logs into tools like Splunk, Logstash, Graylog2, etc.

Admin Commands

Most frameworks require running one-off admin commands to setup databases, inspect settings and offer visibility into the Docker-based runtime environment. We will build a solution that offers a deis run bash capability.

SSL Support

Both the controller and formation proxies require SSL configuration. Right now it's just HTTP with cookies and passwords sent in the clear!

Team Support

As of now, only a single user can control or push to a formation. We need to add simple sharing features, which we can then expand upon using finer-grained access controls.

General Security Improvements

We've glossed over some pretty important security features in an effort to get Deis into developers hands sooner rather than later. For example, we need to implement iptables host-level firewalls, improve security group default rules, use Chef recipes to harden systems, etc. If you find any other security holes, please open a GitHub issue and tag it "Security".


We do not currently monitor nodes or container health -- though we have infrastructure in place to do it.

Cross-provider Formations

We are very close to offering cross-provider formations, where a single app deployment can span multiple zones, regions or even providers -- while being driven by a single git push or deis command.

How can you help?

Deis is still in its early stages. We hope to have documentation that makes for a usable public release in 0.0.5. In the meantime, you can help by:

  • Joining the #deis IRC channel on Freenode and let us know what you think
  • Creating GitHub issues (and star the project while you're at it!)
  • Helping spread the word on Twitter (@opendeis), IRC, Google+, etc.

Once 0.0.5 is officially out the door on August 6, we will have a much more detailed explanation of how to get involved, contribute code and help Deis succeed.

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