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Deis gives our developers a self-service platform backed by a strong open source community. We are excited about Deis' potential at Mozilla.

- Benjamin Sternthal, Mozilla

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The Workflow "Umbrella" Helm Chart

03 Jan 2017
Last month's v2.9.0 release of Workflow included officially transitioning over to Kubernetes Helm. Here we look at how our CI system assembles the Workflow chart, which is itself an "umbrella" chart consisting of sub-charts for each of its core components....

Deploy Hooks on Workflow

16 Dec 2016
In January, we will be releasing Workflow v2.10.0. In this release, we will be introducing deploy hooks into Workflow. This feature allows administrators of the platform to add a list of HTTP endpoints that will receive POST requests when a...

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Charlotte, NC, 2/6/2017
Tahoe, CA, 2/14/2017
Santa Clara, CA, 2/17/2017
Pasadena, CA, 3/2/2017
San Francisco, CA, 3/8/2017
Berlin, GA, 3/29/2017
Vancouver, Canada, 3/31/2017
Seattle, WA, 4/26/2017
Denver, Colorado, 5/24/2017
Minneapolis, MN, 7/25/2017

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